40 Under 40: Bryan Case, Fox Rothschild

Bryan Case is a Business Journal 2023 40 Under 40 honoree who is intent on growing, teaching and leading the other members of his firm or team.

40 Under 40: Bryan Case, Fox Rothschild

Bryan Case is an expert in one firm. The Fox Rothschild Partner has served the firm since 2009. At that time, it was Riddell William P.S. Before a 2017 merger.

He's proud to be a man of his profession. He is confident about the knowledge of the institution he brings into the office and the technical skills that he has honed in a career which is far from over. He's eagerly passing on all of this knowledge to his team.

Case told the Business Journal, "Don't hesitate to take risks." There's simply no substitute for learning by doing. "So I would say, just go out there, put yourself in the spotlight and go for it."

What is your favorite aspect of the industry and why?

I played sports as a child and enjoyed the competitive aspect of them. I tried to find a career which would allow me to channel this. In litigation, it's always plaintiffs versus defendants. Our law firm is my team. It's like my professional sport.

What is the one subject that you have had to learn quickly in litigation?

It's always interesting to learn something new, whether it is about a personal injury or mold. A couple of years back, I was involved in a case over a dispute about hop-growing on Eastern Washington. I learned a lot about hops which I never expected to.

What advice would give to someone just starting out in the industry?

As a technical attorney, you should hone your skills. Being a good technical lawyer means being very good at research, writing, understanding the court rules and knowing how to apply them. Do not get sucked into networking and business development right away. Early on in your career, you should strive to be the best. You will not attract clients, or grow your practice without being a great lawyer.

What is the biggest challenge that faces the legal sector?

Zoom is the default for many things, such as depositions. Mediations and court hearings. It's convenient, but there's nothing like being in the courtroom and sitting next to someone to collect testimony. The younger attorneys in particular have not had the real courtroom experience. The challenge is to get the industry back to the way it used to work and to give people this kind of experience.

I have a lot to accomplish, but there are still 25 years left. I have worked at the same firm for my entire career. I've experienced a merger, but I still work with the same colleagues. What excites me most is that I have another 25, 30 years to help my office, my colleagues and the firm grow. I am optimistic about the future.