'A great learning opportunity:' MyCityRides expands into Branson through licensing agreement

The nonprofit scooter dealership's leaders chose Branson, Missouri as their program's location because they felt it was an ideal fit.

'A great learning opportunity:' MyCityRides expands into Branson through licensing agreement

You didn't pay attention if you talked to Andy Nix about the focus of MyCityRides and did not understand it.

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MyCityRides wants to help as many people as possible with their transportation needs. Expanding into new markets is one way to achieve this.

The organization may have licensed their program to another group, but it might not be the one you expected.

Branson is in a bad situation

Nix's first reaction when he received a call about MyCityRides from Elevate Branson, the nonprofit, was that they were not a car rental company.

MyCityRides is a personal transport service that aims to be dependable and long-term.

MyCityRides offers its participants a complete package for $125 per month over three years: a scooter and license, insurance and maintenance, safety and security equipment, and a safety and security kit. Branson, a family-friendly Ozark town in Missouri and a popular tourist destination, was not a good fit. Nix, and his team of designers, were not interested in offering their visitors a way to travel around the city on vacation.

Elevate Branson is a nonprofit focused on housing and workforce development. It wanted to offer MyCityRides for its original intent. As its leaders became more familiar with the town, it became clear why.

Branson's population was 12,833 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of July 1, 2020. There are many tourist attractions in Branson, but most of them are run by workers from outside the town. For those without a car, the transportation options are limited.

Nix stated that Branson was a small community with a lot of high-priced real estate. It is also a resort area. It's economy is almost entirely dependent on the service industry and tourist trade. They need to hire a lot of service workers but there's nowhere for them live and no public transport.

Jason Williford was the director of fleet operations for MyCityRides when he first visited Branson several years ago. Elevate Branson was only just reaching out at the time and Jason Williford went to Branson to check its viability.

He said, 'I did not see a taxi; there isn't a bus.' While I was there, I opened the Uber app to see if it would be possible to get a ride. There was only one vehicle available.

U.S. News and World Report also mentions this lack of transportation options when it tells travelers how to get around in the city.

The best way to travel around Branson is via car, as there are no public transport options that connect all the major attractions with local accommodations and restaurants. The free trolley connects downtown Branson to Branson Landing. However, its limited reach and season hours will require travelers to use their own wheels.

Branson's small size and active chamber of commerce appealed to the nonprofit. It decided to partner up with Elevate Branson and its service is now available in the town.

MyCityRides Branson

Elevate Branson owns and runs the MyCityRides Branson program, which is licensed by Memphis. The organization buys the bikes directly from MyCityRides, and pays licensing fees to use its system and processes. Nix and Memphis' team will serve as advisors to the new organization, helping it grow.

Nix stated that it was a wonderful learning experience for them. Because it's a new market, the look and feel will be different, which is really informative for us.

MyCityRides is still focused on Memphis, Nix said in his interview with MBJ. Memphis is the company's No.

In the fall of last year, the nonprofit christened a new, pristine headquarters at Summer Avenue. This increased its exposure. The number of applications has increased by about 300% in the last year. There are now about 450 cyclists.

He said: 'We held a board of directors meeting last week and had to raise our goals for the year 2023 based on what was happening.' We're hoping to have our best year ever.