A key safety executive at TikTok is leaving as lawmakers keep pressure on the app

TikTok is losing a key safety executive as the app faces growing pressure from lawmakers and threats of a ban in the United States.

A key safety executive at TikTok is leaving as lawmakers keep pressure on the app

New York CNN

TikTok will soon lose its key safety executive, as lawmakers continue to put pressure on the app and threaten a ban.

Eric Han, the head of US Data Security Trust and Safety at TikTok, is leaving the company in a week. Maureen Shanahan, spokesperson for TikTok, confirmed his departure to CNN. The Verge broke the news on Tuesday.

Han has been in this role since 2019. He led policy decisions, such as those that were aimed at curbing the spread of dangerous challenges or cracking down paid political posts. Andy Bonillo will temporarily fill the position until a permanent successor is found.


TikTok loses a safety leader in a time of crisis for the platform. In recent months, US lawmakers have increased calls for a ban on the app nationwide due to concerns about its parent company ByteDance’s connections with China.

TikTok confirmed that in March, federal officials had demanded that Chinese owners of the social media app sell their stake or face a US app ban. Montana lawmakers passed legislation last month to ban TikTok from personal devices. If the governor signs the bill, Montana will be the first state in the country to do this.

Shou Chew, the CEO of TikTok, testified in front of Congress on March 15th and tried to reassure legislators about the safety and security of the app as well as the data of US users.