AssetCo (LON:ASTO) Shares Down 0.9%

the session, compared to its average volume of 178,857. AssetCo plc has a 52 week low of GBX 52.15 ($0.65) and a 52 week high of GBX 65.00 ($0.81). The stock of AssetCo plc fell 0.9% on Friday, trading as low as GBX 54.03 ($0.67). 18,515 shares were traded during the session, compared to its aver

The stock fell by 0.9% on Friday. The company traded down to GBX 54.03 (USD0.67), and traded last at GBX55.50 ($0.69). 18 515 shares were exchanged during the mid-day session, which is a decrease of 82% compared to the average session volume. The stock closed previously at GBX56 ($0.70).

AssetCo Price Performance

The 50-day moving price of the business is GBX 61.45, and its 200-day moving price is GBX65.03. The market capitalization is PS78.26m, with a P/E of -693.75. Its beta is 0.53. Campbell Fleming, an insider, purchased 14,460 shares in the company's stock on Tuesday, February 21st. Stock was bought at GBX 73 per share ($0.91), for a total of PS10,555.80 (about $13,183.21). Insiders own 39.90%.


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AssetCo plc is engaged in the acquisition, management, and operation of asset and wealth-management activities and interests. The company was founded in 2003, and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. offers a FREE daily email newsletter