Brooktree Capital Management Sells 525 Shares of McDonald's Co. (NYSE:MCD)

fast-food giant's stock after selling 518 shares during the period. Brooktree Capital Management decreased its stake in shares of McDonald's Co. (NYSE:MCD) by 31.3% in the first quarter.

The fund held 1,154 shares after selling 525 during the period. Brooktree Capital Management's largest holding is McDonald's at 0.3%. Brooktree Capital Management's McDonald's holdings were valued at $323,000 by the end of its most recent quarter.

Other institutional investors also bought and then sold shares of MCD. Osterweis Capital Management Inc. bought a new position at McDonald's in the 4th Quarter valued at approximately $25,000. Aspire Private Capital LLC bought a new stake worth $26,562,950,000 in McDonald's during the first quarter. Ridgewood Investments LLC bought a new stake of shares in McDonald's worth $32,000 during the first quarter. Retirement Group LLC bought a new stake of shares in McDonald's worth $37,000 during the fourth quarter. Kepos Capital LP also purchased a stake in McDonald's shares during the fourth-quarter worth $38,000. MCD has recently been the subject of several brokerages' opinions. Jefferies Financial Group raised their price target for shares of McDonald's to $335.00 in a report published on Thursday, July 20, and gave the stock a "buy" rating. Wells Fargo & Company raised their price target on shares of McDonald's to $310.00 from $304.00 and gave the stock a 'equal-weight' rating in a report on Friday, 27th. Gordon Haskett raised their price target for shares of McDonald's to $325.00 in a research report on Wednesday, April 26, and gave the company an 'buy' ranking. Loop Capital raised their price target for shares of McDonald's in a research report on Friday, 27th. From $346.00 up to $383.00. Citigroup raised their price target on McDonald's in a Friday, July 28th report from $308.00 up to $317.00. The company was given a neutral rating. Seven analysts gave the stock a "hold" rating, while 23 others have given it a "buy" rating. data shows that McDonald's has a current consensus rating of "Moderate Buy" and a price target consensus of $320.55.

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McDonald's trading down 0.5 %

Trading on Wednesday saw a decline of $1.35, bringing the price to $288.23. The company's shares were traded at a volume of 1,881,432 compared to the average of 2,565,589. McDonald's Co.'s 52-week low is $230.58, and its 52-week high is $299.35. The company has a $210,05 billion market capitalization, a PE of 26,64, a G/E/P ratio of 2,85, and a beta value of 0.64. The company's simple moving 50-day average is $291.84, and its simple 200-day average is 282.98.

The last time ) released its quarterly earnings was on Thursday 27th July. Fast-food giant McDonald's reported $3.17 in earnings per share during the third quarter. This was $0.40 more than analysts' expectations of $2.77. Revenue for the quarter was $6.50 billion, which is higher than the $6.30 billion consensus estimate. McDonald's reported a negative return of equity of 139.57%, and a margin of net of 33.06%. Revenue was up 13.6% from the same quarter of last year. In the same quarter last year, the company earned $2.55 in earnings per share. Analysts predict that McDonald's Co. is expected to post 11.45 EPS in the current fiscal year.

McDonald's Announces Dividend

Recently, the company announced that it would be paying a quarterly dividend on Monday, 18th September. Dividends will be paid to shareholders who were in the books on Friday, September 1. The dividend per share is $1.52. Ex-dividend day is Thursday, August 31, 2018. The dividend yield is 2.11%. This dividend represents an annualized $6.08 and a dividend of $2.11 per share. McDonald's's current payout ratio is 55.93%.

McDonald's Insider Activity

In a transaction that took place on Friday, 23rd June, 4,487 shares were sold. Stock was sold for $1,307 287.45 at a price of $291.35 on average. After the completion of this sale, the insider owns 12,038 company shares valued at $3.507,271.30. Edith Morgan Flatley, CMO of McDonald's, sold 2,000 shares in the company's stock on May 30th. Stock was sold for $570,140.00 at a price of $285.07. The chief marketing officer owns now 1,929 shares, worth approximately $549.900.03, of the company stock. Insider Joseph M. Erlinger also sold 4,487 of the company's shares in a deal on Friday, 23rd June. The shares were sold for $291.35 on average, bringing in a total of $1,307 287.45. After the sale, an insider owns directly 12,038 shares of the company valued at $3,507.271.30. Insiders have sold 10,974 company shares worth $3,213,970 in the past quarter. Insiders own 0.18%.

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McDonald's Corporation is a company that operates McDonald's franchises in the United States. McDonald's Corporation operates and franchises McDonald's restaurants in the United States and internationally.

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