China Urges WTO to Sift US-Led Chip Export Curbs

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(Reuters) - China asked the World Trade Organization to examine US technology export restrictions that limit its ability to produce advanced chips. State television reported Wednesday.

Chinese representatives spoke at a WTO meeting this week, urging Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States to report their plans and follow-up measures to the body. CCTV reported that the broadcaster CCTV urged the body to increase its supervision.

The commerce ministry stated Tuesday that Beijing was

Concerned by Japan's ban on exports of chip-making equipment, we called on it to rectify its "wrong practices".

CCTV stated that the move by the three countries to reduce chip exports to China was against the fairness of WTO.

Japan announced last week that it would limit exports of 23 types semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China, although it did not specify China as its target. This is in line with Washington’s October curbs.

This was after the Netherlands had announced last month that it would also limit similar exports to ASML Holding NV. ASML Holding NV dominates the market in lithography systems for creating chips' minute circuitry.

China accused the U.S. as a "tech dominance" and asked the Netherlands to not follow its lead.

The report by the state broadcaster did not include WTO's response on China's inquiry.