CO2 Solutions (CVE:CST) Shares Cross Below 50-Day Moving Average of $0.04

C$0.03. The stock price of CO2 Solutions Inc crossed below its fifty day moving average during trading on Tuesday.

The stock price of ) fell below its fifty-day moving average on Tuesday during trading. The stock's fifty-day moving average is C$0.04 but it has traded as low C$0.04. CO2 Solutions' shares were last traded at C$0.04, and 37,000 shares changed hands.

CO2 Solutions Stock Drops 11.1 %

The stock's market capitalization is C$6.39m and its PE ratio is -0.85. The stock's fifty-day moving median is C$0.04 while its 200-day moving medium is C$0.04.

CO2 Solutions Company profile

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CO2 Solutions Inc. develops proprietary technology for the capture and production carbon dioxide (CO2), in Canada, United States and Europe. Its main focus is on the commercialization of an enzyme-based CO2 capture technology from industrial flue gases for reuse or storage. The technology of the company has many industrial applications including enhanced oil recovery, pulp and papers, water treatment and carbonation of beverages, greenhouses and more. offers a FREE daily email newsletter