ConstitutionDAO Price Reaches $0.0243 on Top Exchanges (PEOPLE)

0.00000156 BTC on major exchanges including Binance DEX and Uniswap (v2). The ConstitutionDAO token (PEOPLE) is up 0.8% against the dollar. One token is now worth $0.0243 or 0.00000156 BTC.

() rose 0.8% in value against the US dollar over the course of a single day ending at 23.00 Eastern time on the 15th April. On cryptocurrency exchanges, one ConstitutionDAO token is now available for $0.0243 (or 0.00000080 BTC). The market capitalization of the company is $122,87 million. In the last trading day, $16.49 millions worth of ConstitutionDAO were traded.

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Launched on November 15th 2021. ConstitutionDAO has a total supply of 5,060137,335 and circulating supply of 5,053,572,056. Here is a link to the article

CryptoCompare says that ''ConstitutionDAO 2021-2021' was a wonderful experiment in a DAO with a singular purpose. This project is now over.

The community has done everything it had planned to do: raised capital, bid at Sotheby's and, upon losing, provided full refunds to the community.

We regret that we lost the auction, and the core team has decided to wind down. The tokens have no rights, governance or utility, other than the ability to redeem them for ethereum via the Juicebox smart contract at a 1,000,000:1 ratio, the same ratio as the contributions made to the original crowdfunding to purchase the Constitution.

You can also keep your tokens and use them however you like. It's clear that some members of the community want to include them in future projects. ConstitutionDAO will not and cannot endorse any future plans involving the token. This is not financial advice. You should do your own research.

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