Contrasting Medivir AB (publ) (MVRBF) & The Competition

businesses based on the strength of its analyst recommendations, profitability, valuation, institutional ownership, risk, dividends and earnings. This company is compared to its competitors in the Biotechnology industry and is found to be stronger in analyst recommendations, profitability, and va

How does it compare to its competitors? Medivir AB will be compared to other companies based on their profitability, institutional ownership and analyst recommendations. We'll also look at earnings, valuations, dividends, risk, and dividends.

Analyst Recommendations has provided a list of the latest ratings and target price for Medivir AB and its competitors.

Sell Ratings

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Medivir AB






Medivir AB Competitors






Medivir AB is currently a $50.00 consensus price target, which suggests a potential gain of 5,997.56%. Biotechnology companies as a whole have an upside potential of 86.24%. Equities analysts clearly believe Medivir AB is better than its competitors, given Medivir AB's higher consensus rating and greater potential upside.

Institutional and Insider Ownership

Institutional investors own 23.2% Medivir AB shares. Comparatively 25.0% shares of all "Biotechnology" companies are held by institutional investors. Insiders own 26.3% shares in all "Biotechnology" companies. A stock with a high institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments and large money managers believe it will outperform its market in the long run.


The table below compares Medivir AB's (publ) net margins with those of its competitors, as well as their return on equity and assets.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets

Medivir AB




Medivir AB Competitors




Value & Earnings

This table compares Medivir AB with its competitors in terms of revenue, earnings per Share (EPS) (and valuation)

Gross Revenue

Net Income

Price/Earnings ratio

Medivir AB




Medivir AB Competitors

200.33 millions

8 022 000 dollars


Medivir AB's competitors earn more and have higher revenues than Medivir AB. Medivir AB is trading with a lower Price-to-Earnings Ratio than its competitors. This indicates that Medivir AB is more affordable.

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Medivir AB beats its competitors in 6 out of 11 comparison factors.

Medivir AB is a public company.

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Medivir AB is a pharmaceutical firm that focuses on developing and marketing cancer treatments in the Nordic region, Europe and abroad. Under the Zoviduo brand, the company sells Xerclear to treat labial herpes. Remetinostat is being developed for the treatment of MF cutaneous lymphoma, basal cell cancer and squamous carcinoma. The company also develops MIV-818 to treat liver cancer, MIV-711 for osteoarthritis, Birinapant, IGM-8444, for solid tumors and USP-1/TNG348, USP-7 and MBLI/METX which have completed preclinical studies for cancer and infection. offers a FREE daily email newsletter