Contrasting Tencent (TCTZF) & Its Competitors

related companies based on the strength of its analyst recommendations, valuation, profitability, earnings, dividends, risk and institutional ownership. Tencent is a Chinese company that offers internet and mobile value-added services. Analyst recommendations, valuations, profitability, earnings,

) is among 115 publicly traded companies in the Internet Content & Information industry. But how does it compare to its competitors? Tencent will be compared to other businesses on the basis of their earnings, dividends and profitability, as well as analyst recommendations.

Earnings and Value

This table compares Tencent's gross revenue with its competitors, as well as their earnings per share and valuation.

Gross Revenue

Net Income

Price/Earnings ratio





Tencent's competitors

680 milliards de dollars

$1.11 billion


Tencent's competitors have higher earnings and revenue than Tencent. Tencent's price-to-earnings is higher than that of its competitors, which indicates it is more expensive.

Analyst Recommendations has provided a list of the latest recommendations made by its analysts for Tencent.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score







Tencent's competitors






Grouped together, 'Internet Content & Information companies' have a potential upside upwards of 85.65%. Analysts believe that Tencent is less likely to grow than its competitors, given the higher potential upside of Tencent's rivals.

Insiders and Institutional Ownership

Institutional investors own 18.3% of Tencent's shares. Comparatively speaking, institutional investors own 32.9% shares in all 'Internet Content & Information’ companies. Insiders own 28.9% shares in all 'Internet Content & Information" companies. A high level of institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments, and large money managers believe in a company's potential for long-term growth.


The table below compares Tencent's net margins with those of its competitors, as well as their return on equity (ROE) and return on assets.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets





Tencent's competitors




About Tencent

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Tencent Holdings Limited is an investment holding firm that offers online advertising, business services, fintech and value-added service (VAS) in the People's Republic of China as well as internationally. The company operates in four segments: VAS, Online Advertising and Business Services; FinTech; and Others. Consumers' business includes instant messaging, social networks, online games, video, live streaming, music and literature, fintech services such as mobile payments, wealth management, loan, and securities trading, as well as various tools such as browser, navigation, email management, network security management. The company's enterprise division offers marketing solutions that include digital tools such as user insight, placement strategy and creative management. Cloud services such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence for the financial, education, healthcare and retail industries, and security are also available. The company also operates an innovation business that includes artificial intelligences, as well as discover and develop enterprise and next generation technologies for food production and energy management applications. Tencent Holdings Limited, formerly Tencent (BVI), Limited changed its name in February 2004 to Tencent Holding Limited. offers a FREE daily email newsletter