DatChat, Inc. (NASDAQ:DATS) Sees Large Growth in Short Interest

from the April 30th total of 59,900 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 2,200,000 shares, the days-to-cover ratio is presently 40.0 days. The number of shares shorted has increased 45.4% in the month of May.

( ) saw a significant increase in short interest during the month of may. On May 31, there were 87,400 short shares. This is a 45.4% increase from 60,100 on May 15. At the moment, 0.5% shares are short sold. The short-interest rate is 1.3 days based on a daily average trading volume of 67 300 shares.

DatChat Stock Performance

Trading at midday on Thursday saw a $0.25 drop, bringing the price to $0.57. Stock of the company traded at 1,682,451 compared to 309,778 shares on average. DatChat's 1-year low is $0.14, and its 1-year high is $1.54. The fifty-day moving price of the firm is $0.43, and its 200 day moving price is $0.5. DATS has been modified by several hedge funds, institutional investors and other financial institutions. Virtu Financial LLC purchased a new position of shares in DatChat during the third quarter, valued at approximately $25,000. State Street Corp purchased a new DatChat position during the first quarter, valued at approximately $42,000. Renaissance Technologies LLC increased its stake in DatChat during the fourth quarter by 9.2%. Renaissance Technologies LLC owns 246,700 of the company stock, valued at $61,000. This is after buying an additional 20,754 during the period. Citadel Advisors LLC purchased a position in DatChat valued at approximately $71,000 during the third quarter. BlackRock Inc. increased its stake in DatChat during the first quarter by 468.7%. BlackRock Inc. owns 30,100 of the company’s stock, valued at $79,000. This is after it purchased an additional 24,807 share during the period. Institutional investors and hedge fund own 3.51%.


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DatChat, Inc, a software company that develops communication software, creates mobile messaging applications. DatChat Messenger & Private Social Network is a mobile app that allows users to communicate in privacy and security. It creates a decentralized communication platform based on blockchain that allows businesses and consumers to communicate directly.

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