Doing Business in Seminole County

Orlando Business Journal provides a closer look into Seminole County, one of Central Florida's fastest-growing regions, including the people, activity, and opportunities.

Doing Business in Seminole County

Orlando Business Journal's special edition Doing Business in Seminole County gives you an inside look at the people, activities and opportunities in Central Florida's most rapidly growing region.

Seminole County is a great place to work, live and play. The county is home to highly-rated schools, a skilled workforce and one of the wealthiest regions in Central Florida. This helps to attract large companies and construction.

The county has a number of plans in place to boost the local economy, tourism and recreation.

This county, known for its scenic waterways, natural springs and parks that encourage fishing, hiking, biking and kayaking, is also a popular place for recreational sports. According to the latest data, Boombah Sports Complex, which hosts baseball games, lacrosse, and other sports, had an economic impact in fiscal 2021 of $31 millions.

Seminole County, Florida, is now considering the construction of a nearly 140,00-square-foot, $61-million indoor sports complex. This would result in an estimated net spending of $1.4 billion.

Guilherme “Gui” Cunha is the administrator of the Seminole County Office of Economic Development and Tourism. He said, "Boombah was really the tip of spear in Seminole County's recovery, allowing us even to pursue an indoor facility at this time."

Not only that. To further its sports-centric drive, the county is also considering creating a tourism improvement districts. This would be an updated version of the traditional business improvement districts, with a focus on hospitality. Hoteliers would pay a fee or assessment based on sales from their 5,000+ hotel rooms in order to fund sports facilities.

Here are some of the other major events happening in Seminole County.

A local nonprofit and a real estate developer joined forces to create a new substance abuse center for teenagers and young adults, which includes their families.

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