Ex-Russian Space Boss Finds 'No Proof' Americans Landed On Moon In 1969

The author searched for evidence of aliens at their work place, but found nothing.

Dmitry Rogozin said that he had gone on a search about a decade earlier to find concrete evidence that the Americans had landed on Moon in 1969. He found little evidence and questioned whether Apollo 11 reached the surface of the moon.

Rogozin wrote in a blog post that "I sent an official request about ten years ago to Roskosmos, while I was working in the Government. I asked them to provide me with documentation of the Americans' stay in the Moon, which, at that time, was still in the Federal Agency's possession."


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"I was deeply embarrassed that the Soviet astronauts who returned from long-term missions could barely stand up and had to undergo a lengthy recovery, while the Americans crawled from their moon ships like cucumbers out of the garden."

Rogozin claims to have sent multiple requests to Roscosmos to prove NASA's Moon Landing of 1969. He claimed that the only proof he had received was an account of Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov's conversation with American astronauts about their lunar mission.

Rogozin continues in the post.

When I started working at Roskosmos in 2018, I searched for evidence of this, but found nothing. I received angry calls from high-ranking officials accusing me of "aggravating international situations" by my doubts.

It's true that I didn't undermine or worsen anything. But, by nature, I wanted to dig deeper and find out the truth about the exploration of the Moon in our rival countries. I was not sure how the United States could have done what they cannot now, with the level of technology that existed in the 1960s.

Rogozin is a member of the denialism camp, because no one can question the fact that the spacecraft has less than the required weight to land on the moon.

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In 1969, astronauts could land on the Moon. They have not returned 54 years later.