Firm tied to former Apple, Pepsi CEO buys Palm Beach home for $11M

The couple is looking to buy a second house.

Firm tied to former Apple, Pepsi CEO buys Palm Beach home for $11M

Diane Sculley's company, managed by the former Apple and Pepsi chief executive John Sculley and his wife Diane, paid $11.35m for a Palm Beach home.

Nancy M. Farry, a resident of 110 Mockingbird Trail in San Diego, sold her 2,931 square-foot home to SandyBeach LLC managed by Diane Sculley. The off-market price was $3,872 per square foot.

Farry has owned the house for over 40 years. This was her homestead.

The home was built in 1955 on a half-acre plot and features four bedrooms, three baths, and a swimming pool. The home has deeded access to the ocean at the end.

The Sculleys own the house at 1214 N. Ocean Boulevard, located along the beach and a short distance from the new home. Their home is the oceanfront house, with 3,691 sq. ft. The home was purchased in 2018.

Sculley served as CEO at both Pepsi, and Apple. In the 1980s he was famously involved in a feud with Steve Jobs, which led to Jobs' departure from the company. He has invested in tech companies like Obi Worldphone, Zeta Global and others. Recently, he was named chairman of Boston's eternalHealth health plan.