Give Yourself One Convenient Hub to Work From With This $30 App

This $30 app could help you save time searching for lost files.

Give Yourself One Convenient Hub to Work From With This $30 App

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Disorganization can cost an organization thousands of dollars, and executives are not immune. Forbes reported that executives spend an average of $150 per year looking for lost information. This time lost could have been used to expand your business, come up with new ideas or take some rest.

You may find it helpful to customize your workspace if you are constantly searching for information. Scrivener 3 allows you to easily access your important files without having to store them in multiple folders. Invest just $29.99 in this writing software and organizational tool. No coupon needed to get the best online price of $59.

Scrivener 3, the latest in a line of intuitive tools for writing and outlining, is from Literature and Latte. This app was designed for writers but its true strength is in organizing complex projects.

You can create a project from scratch or use a style template when you first open Scrivener 3. If you don't find a template that suits your needs, start with a blank page and customize your workspace.

Store your research in folders on your sidebar. Place relevant charts and pictures on the side of your draft. This tool helps writers structure and organize their writing.

In corkboard mode, you can zoom out and move parts of your project. You can outline a long slide deck much more easily if you have the ability to move your notes around. Scrivener can even read back your writing.

You will get Scrivener 3 on one device and any minor updates. If Scrivener 4 was ever released, you would need to pay a separate fee.

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