How Many Couples Can Say ‘Grease 2' Brought Them Closer?

Two people who share a love for an '80s movie find romance.

How Many Couples Can Say ‘Grease 2' Brought Them Closer?

In October 2014, they traveled together to Marbella for a conference. After the backpacking trip that Ms. Zalewski had planned failed to materialize, Mr. Sin Suarez invited Ms. Zalewski to Rome to visit him. He said, 'We had a wonderful time, despite the fact that things did not go according to plan.' We missed our flights because I had miscalculated times. But she was very understanding and easygoing. The trip was one of the best I've had.

In 2015, the couple began dating when they moved to Indonesia together in order to manage the Nikki Beach Bali restaurant. Ms. Zalewski, who studied culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University, was the marketing manager and Mr. Sin-Suarez was the general manger. The location is now closed. Since then, Ms. Zalewski told me, "we've traveled the world together."

They adopted a dog named Lilo in 2016. In 2016, they returned to Miami where they live today. Ms. Zalewski now works as the senior marketing manager for the Riviera Dining group, a luxury hospitality firm based in Miami. Mr. Sin-Suarez, on the other hand, is the general manger at Nikki Beach Miami.

Covid had been planning a proposal for Mr. Sin-Suarez since 2019. However, Covid's interference threw his plans into disarray. He said, 'In summer 2021 I suggested that we go to New York City in September to celebrate my birthday.' Mr. Sin-Suarez gave Ms. Zalewski an unexpected gift: a silver flask with the words "All roads lead to You".

Mr. Sin-Suarez insisted that he visit Rockefeller Center where he proposed on one knee. The couple then went to Midtown bars for celebratory picklebacks and danced all night, according to Ms. Zalewski.

Ms. Zalewski and Mr. Sin-Suarez were married on April 1, at Sydonie Mansion, Mount Dora, Fla. Joel Zalewski was the officiant, and he had been ordained for the occasion by the American Marriage Ministries.

Sin-Suarez's wedding was a realization of his dream. He said, 'Back in the days when Facebook was big and we weren't serious, I tagged Kia on a picture of Ralph Macchio with Elisabeth Shue, who played his love in "Karate Kid". 'I wrote in my journal that I wanted to live like a '80s film, but, with her, it has been just like watching a great movie from the '80s.'