Induction Healthcare Group (LON:INHC) Shares Down 3.2%

Induction Healthcare Group PLC's stock price dropped 3.2% on Wednesday, trading as low as GBX 20.81 ($0.26).

The stock price of ) dropped by 3.2% on Wednesday. The stock price of the company dropped as low as GBX 20,81 ($0.26), and it was last traded at GBX 20,81 ($0.26). Around 5,534 shares changed hands in mid-day trade, which is a 79% decline from the average daily trading volume of 25,988. The stock closed earlier at GBX 21,50 ($0.27).

Induction Healthcare Group stock down 3.2 %

The company's moving average of the last fifty days is GBX 21,38, and its moving average for the past 200 days is GBX 25,65. The company has a market cap of PS19.21million, a PE of 260.13, and a beta value of -0.21.

Induction Healthcare Group

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Induction Healthcare Group provides software for healthcare professionals throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. The company offers Induction Switch that allows healthcare professionals to bypass the hospital's switchboard, helping them locate extensions, return bleeps quickly or send instant, and role-based messages in a secure environment; Induction Zesty, a software-as-a-service platform, which allows patients to book and access their appointments, read their clinical letters, store a copy of their clinical records, and provide data to their care teams remotely; and Induction Guidance, a platform to create, edit, and publish their own local guidance and policies. offers a FREE daily email newsletter