Latest Special Reports

CNBC Special Reports offer news and analysis on investing, technology, real estate, and breaking news events.

Latest Special Reports

Americans are still concerned about market volatility, inflation and how to manage through the possibility that there will be a recession. These are difficult times that financial advisors can help you navigate. Ask an Advisor features the perspectives of financial advisors from our FA Council.

CNBC will examine all elements that can make this your best tax season yet as tax reform heads to the forefront of news. We will discuss ways to save money while filing taxes this year, including new federal tax bill amendments and underutilized deductions.

The tech industry's most innovative and boldest names are found here.

Americans are still concerned about the risk of persistent inflation, market volatility, and a possible recession. Many people are trying to minimize the negative impact on their retirement savings and retirement. Individuals and retirees who plan for or manage their future finances must consider the implications of economic uncertainty and changes in tax law.

Here are the latest updates from the Squawk Box team regarding investing and business.

CNBC explores the challenges, opportunities, and developments that chief financial officers face in an ever-changing corporate environment. CNBC CFO Council members and financial executives will find the latest financial news that impacts operations around the world.

This ongoing pandemic has made what was once a perfectly-tuned machine into an unwieldy, backfiring mess that is fueling the worst inflation in decades. CNBC examines how many layers of workers, governments, and companies will unravel the knots and bring everything under control.

CNBC will provide the most recent news and trading updates, including analysis of major movements and breakouts on key innovations like new currencies and the evolution and digital wallet.

CNBC offers perspective on the most pressing industry issues by covering a range of industries as well as the public sector.

Technology is rapidly changing and companies are reinventing their business models by using key tech drivers such as cloud, social, mobile, and data.

This article examines the changing markets, new technologies and geopolitics that are influencing the growing energy demands of the world.

This annual ranking of America’s largest publicly traded companies is based on issues that define "just" business behavior and reflect American public priorities. It was produced in partnership by Just Capital, a research nonprofit.

The World Economic Forum's annual meeting is attended by political and business leaders from around the world. It focuses on global politics, economics and social issues.

Communities are changing the narrative to end structural racism. CNBC's series explores central themes of racial healing with stories that address implicit bias in economic data and major obstacles to racial equality at work. It also discusses how fiscal investment can change minority entrepreneurship and the consequences of the Great Resignation in the Black Community.

Officially closed nominations. CNBC's 11th annual Disruptor 50 List will be released on-air and online in May.

CNBC FA 100 ranks advisory firms that assist clients in navigating their financial lives. It takes into account a number of factors other than assets under management.

CNBC wants to empower, inspire and educate you about personal finance.

The recession, pandemic and other challenges facing small business owners pose some of the greatest challenges in their professional careers. Experts share key strategies to help you succeed in this crucial time.

This article provides context and clarity on the complicated intersection of business leadership with capital markets. As corporations confront the increasing financial risks of climate changes, and take on centuries-old struggles of gender and systemic racism, they recognize the importance and necessity of sound corporate governance to create real and lasting change that will shape a more sustainable future.

This site is dedicated to helping Americans make better decisions about how they spend, save, invest, protect and invest their money. Our mission is to ensure that all Americans, regardless of income, ability, race, gender, or orientation, have the information, strategies, and advice they need to make informed financial decisions.

Investors who think financial planning can wait until December are wrong. Financial advisors emphasize that it is time to seriously consider your financial health, including taxes and reevaluating your overall financial strategy.

How can legacy companies adapt, innovate, and grow in an age of rapid technological advancements and demographic change? CNBC profiles iconic global companies and executives that are adapting to change and transforming for tomorrow.

Highlights stories from Financial Independence, Retire early movement members, as well expert commentary and advice about how to achieve FIRE. Learn how to reduce your expenses, increase earnings, and more to live a work-optional lifestyle in your 30s or 40s.

This section includes ongoing coverage of cyber threats and data breaches as well as the most recent cybersecurity innovations from government and business working together to stop hacking.

Examines how forward-looking, disruptive companies are finding and keeping top workers, upending old roles, innovating and investing to develop creative solutions that shape the work and world of tomorrow.

CNBC hosted the 13th Annual Conference, a gathering of investors from all walks of the community on September 29, 2023.

Financial advisors emphasize the importance of focusing on year-end strategies such as taxes, portfolio rebalancing, and overall financial plans.

In recent years, long-standing global norms in politics and economics have been overturned. In an era where new conventions are being created, Investing in Supertrends looks at the future of markets and economies.

This report outlines the entire set of strategies and tools for long-term investors. How to manage market fluctuations every day and when it's time for action.

CNBC's exclusive survey of Americans who have $1M or more in investable assets. It addresses a variety of issues, from income inequality to economic outlook.