Niche Food Group to bring barbecue concept to City Foundry

Gerard Craft's Niche Food Group plans to open a new barbecue restaurant concept at City Foundry STL this fall. The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner, with a focus on wood-fired meats and vegetables.

Niche Food Group to bring barbecue concept to City Foundry

Gerard Craft's Niche Food Group is planning to open a new concept barbecue restaurant at City Foundry STL in the fall.

According to a press release issued on Monday, the new restaurant, Expat BBQ will feature flavors from all over the world, along with American barbecue methods.

Expat BBQ will be located just east of City Foundry STL Food Hall. It will be a multi-story, 16,000 square foot venue that will feature a full service dining room on the first floor and a mezzanine on the first level for private events. The second level will offer a more casual experience with kiosks and ordering via app. Second level will also feature a bar and a patio with seating for 70 people.

Officials said that "expat" in the name refers to a person who lives outside of their home country. The new concept is "a nod towards the joy of traveling and experiencing other cultures through food."

Craft, owner and executive Chef of Niche Food Group, stated in the press release, "We want to enjoy this one." The barbecue is a common food in many cultures and countries. This menu celebrates flavors from around the globe.

Craft explained that there is a lot of great barbecue culture in the U.S. from Memphis to Carolinas and even here in St. Louis. This will be a different experience than what's currently available. Craft said that while they will be using techniques from U.S. BBQ, they also find inspiration in Brazil, Thailand and other countries.

He said that Expat BBQ was "a great way for guests to experience new flavors using the familiar medium of barbecue."

Craft says that the new restaurant offers brisket, St. Louis style ribs and other flavors not found in typical U.S. BBQ.

He said: "We're aiming to make this a fun, inclusive concept with plenty of options available for plant-based eaters. So there will also be a focus on vegetables."

Sam Nawrocki is a native St. Louisan and a former chef de Cuisine at Oak Steakhouse in Nashville and 404 Kitchen. He will be returning to St. Louis as Expat BBQ's chef de cuisine. Melinda Cooper will be Niche Food Group’s director of beverage operations and bar operations. She will supervise the beverage program for the new concept, which includes a cocktail menu that reflects the global flavors in the food menu, as well as a beer program from around the world, according to officials.

Niche Food Group has launched its 11th concept restaurant, Expat BBQ. It is the third to be located at City Foundry after Fordo's Killer Pizza in the Food Hall and Kitchen Bar.

The $300 million City Foundry project is the work of New + Found. This company, which consists of Steve Smith as CEO and Will Smith, his son, who manages investments and asset management, is the managing director.