On the Agenda: Mansfield may move forward with incentives for regional HQ, manufacturing plant

The tax abatement agreements will bring a corporate regional headquarters and an advanced manufacturing plant for commercial and residential windows and doors to the town.

On the Agenda: Mansfield may move forward with incentives for regional HQ, manufacturing plant

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The City of Mansfield could move forward with an agreement on tax abatement for the $121,000,000 regional headquarters of Crystal Window and Door Systems, Ltd.

Mansfield has been on the radar of a New York-based manufacturer of doors and windows for some time. According to documents from the city, tax abatement agreements cover improvements such as a regional corporate headquarters and a manufacturing facility for advanced windows and doors for residential and commercial use.

The city initially moved to establish incentives for Crystal Window and Door Systems towards the end of last season. Mansfield City Council is expected to consider a motion on its 22nd meeting this month, which will modify and adopt incentives.

Crystal Window and Door Systems has a main manufacturing facility in New York and additional locations in Pennsylvania, Illinois California and Missouri. Crystal Window has over 800 employees between its main facility, regional branches and affiliated firms. All Crystal Window facilities cover over 1,000,000 square feet.

Tax Abatement Zone 47 will be the name of this proposed reinvestment area, which is 7 acres in size and located adjacent to Zone 46. The Zone 46 area is 44 acres located west of U.S. 287. It includes the railroad tracks to the south, Justice Lane to the east, and the Tarrant County Corrections Facility located at 651 Justice Lane to the north.

Below is a list of additional cases.

Mansfield Planning and Zoning Commission, during their meeting on Monday, will be considering a proposal to change the zoning of approximately 216 acres east of State Highway 360 and to the south of Lone Star and Britton roads from a predevelopment district to a form based development district.

The T, Toll Road 360 Form Based Development District aims to encourage and facilitate 'harmonious development' and create 'walkable environments' that compliment the existing housing stock.