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3 job search tips for new graduates—one is ‘such a superpower,' says career expert

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Tips for New College Graduates Entering the Workforce #

Approximately 2 million college students are expected to graduate in 2024, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. As graduation season is underway, many young individuals are either starting their first jobs or searching for employment opportunities.

Career experts provide advice for new college graduates:

  1. Networking: Utilize the connections gained from clubs, sports teams, and Greek life, reaching out to former members who may have insight into hidden job opportunities. Furthermore, joining professional associations relevant to the field of interest can enhance skills, expand networks, and build reputation.

  2. Informational Interviews: Engaging in informational interviews, whether through clubs or professional associations, helps individuals gain valuable insights about a particular job or career journey from experienced professionals. Initiating contact via email or LinkedIn and asking specific, clear questions increase the likelihood of receiving responses.

  3. Preparation for Job Interviews: Prior to a job interview, thorough research about the company, the interviewer, and the industry is crucial. Staying updated with recent news about the company and asking relevant questions during the interview demonstrates preparedness and interest.

  4. Crafting a Work Story: Practicing telling one’s own story and how it aligns with the job opportunity can significantly impact the outcome of an interview. Seeking guidance from career coaches or using resources like ChatGPT can aid in developing this critical skill.

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