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‘Drive to Survive' or Ride to Thrive? MotoGP looks to break out of F1's shadow after $4.2 billion deal

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With the recent acquisition of MotoGP by Liberty Media for $4.2 billion, the new owners had their first opportunity to evaluate their investment at the GP of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The Circuit of the Americas (COTA), which also hosts Formula One races, saw a smaller attendance for the motorcycle racing event compared to F1. Fans and teams were curious about how the new owners could help MotoGP thrive in the United States. Despite differing opinions on potential improvements, there is a consensus that MotoGP needs to become more popular. The success of Formula One’s “Drive to Survive” series was mentioned as an example of highlighting the human drama and creating household names, something MotoGP needs to replicate. The presence of the King of the Baggers race added an additional attraction to the event. The sport’s challenge in the US lies in building characters and connecting with American audiences. The linguistic barrier due to the dominance of Spanish and Italian riders was also noted. Overall, the goal is to invest in MotoGP and grow its popularity among the younger generations.