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Florida's 6-week abortion ban set to take effect this week

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A stricter abortion law is set to take effect in Florida on Wednesday, changing the state’s 15-week ban to a six-week ban. This law is expected to impact thousands of people seeking abortion within the first month alone. Florida has become an important access point for abortion due to restrictions in the region and its high population. Last year, Florida accounted for a significant portion of abortions in the South and nationwide. The early gestation limit can result in significant cuts to abortion care, as seen in other states with similar laws. Florida’s stricter regulations could have an even greater impact due to the influx of patients from states with stricter limits. Nine out of the 16 states in the South have banned abortion, and Florida will join Georgia and South Carolina with a six-week ban. Only three states in the US Census region allow abortion past the first trimester. The implementation of the Dobbs decision in 2022 resulted in longer travel times to abortion facilities, especially in southern states like Texas and Louisiana. The new ban in Florida will affect a significant number of remaining facilities in the South. Providers and patients have had 30 days to prepare since the Florida Supreme Court made its decision. Abortion clinics are committed to remaining open and providing care as long as possible, while advocates hope to bring attention to the issue in upcoming elections. The anticipated impact of Florida’s stricter law has prompted abortion funds across the US to prepare for an increased need for support.