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Nigerian music star Simi opens up about charting her path to stardom, and why she still engineers her own music

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Simi, a Nigerian music star, is making waves in the industry. She is a singer, songwriter, and producer, known for her unique blend of Afropop and soul. Simi recently opened for Grammy-winning artist Alicia Keys on her 2023 tour and has achieved international fame with her Billboard World Album Chart success. Starting as a gospel singer, Simi taught herself how to record, mix, and master her own music through YouTube tutorials. She transitioned to mainstream music with her chart-topping hit “Tiff” and has since released several albums, gaining over one billion streams. Simi continues to write, produce, and engineer her own music, and she even launched her own record label. Despite her success, Simi remains grounded, balancing her career with her personal life as a wife and mother.