Project to rehab 150 vacant Milwaukee houses officially kicks off

The city of Milwaukee is renovating up to 150 vacant houses to create more affordable housing. The first houses could be move-in ready by the end of summer.

Project to rehab 150 vacant Milwaukee houses officially kicks off

The city of Milwaukee has officially begun renovating up to 150 vacant houses in order to provide more affordable housing. According to the city, the first houses may be ready for occupancy by the summer's end.

On Wednesday, city officials officially launched the Homes MKE Program. The program is funded by $15 million of federal American Rescue Plan Act funds. The program involves renovating foreclosed tax houses in 23 different neighborhoods of the city, and then selling or leasing them to owners.

The program aims to increase the number of affordable housing units in the city, create jobs, and improve rundown neighborhoods. It also provides opportunities for real estate developers.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnston said Wednesday that he had experienced housing insecurity as a child in Milwaukee. We are working to build stronger neighborhoods, promote homeownership and ensure that every Milwaukeean can access the quality housing they need.

The Department of City Development of Milwaukee has selected 15 developers for the rehab of houses in September 2022. Most are minority-owned and nonprofit companies.

Homes MKE is one of several local initiatives to revitalize Milwaukee neighborhoods and increase affordable homeownership opportunities. Milwaukee County has used $8 million of ARPA funding to convert tax-foreclosed property into affordable housing.

Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee are building 120 houses in the King Park neighborhood in Milwaukee in partnership with the Community Development Alliance. This local group is focused on increasing homeownership. The houses will go to low-income purchasers for less than $110,000.

Homes MKE will renovate properties in Amani, Arlington Heights, Baran Park, Borchert Field, Concordia, Forest Home Hills, Franklin Heights, Harambee, Historic Mitchell Street, Old North Milwaukee, Metcalfe Park, Midtown, Miller Valley, North Division, Roosevelt Grove, Sherman Park, Walnut Hills, Williamsburg, Sunset Heights, Walnut Hills, Williamsburg, Walnut Hills, Sunset Heights