Redde Northgate (LON:REDD) Shares Cross Above 50-Day Moving Average of $363.50

high as GBX 366.60 ($4.57). Redde Northgate shares last traded at GBX 366.60 ($4.57), with a volume of 124,063 shares traded. The stock price of Redde Northgate plc crossed above its 50 day moving average during trading on Tuesday.

The stock price of ) crossed over its 50-day moving average on Tuesday during trading. The stock's 50-day moving average is GBX 363.50 (USD 4.52), and it has traded up to GBX 391. Redde Northgate's shares were last traded at GBX 387.50 ($4.82) with a volume 267,261 share.

Redde Northgate Trading down 0.3 %

The stock's 50-day moving is GBX 363.96. Its 200-day moving is GBX 389.19. The market capitalization is PS865.27m, with a P/E of 730.12, a G/E/G of 0.54, and a beta value of 1.71. The company's current ratio is 1.24, its quick ratio is 1.21 and it has a debt to equity ratio of 70.94.

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Redde Northgate plc offers mobility solutions and automotive service in the United Kingdom (UK), Spain and Ireland. The company provides contact center support and sales, claims processing, customer services, general insurance products, fleet management, rapid reaction, and recovery management; and supplies and installations electric vehicle charging equipment. offers a FREE daily email newsletter