Sacramento gets fee estimate request for converting Capitol Mall property to housing

The city of Sacramento is requesting a fee estimate for a state office building on Capitol Mall, hinting at the building's possible future.

Sacramento gets fee estimate request for converting Capitol Mall property to housing

A fee estimate request submitted to the City of Sacramento gives hints as to what the future might hold for a state building on Capitol Mall.

The request for 801 Capitol Mall will turn the six-story structure into 91 affordable apartment units. Only one manager's suite is not included.

It does not have any information on who made the request. California Department of General Services currently accepts requests for qualification from developers who are interested in converting this and two other office buildings to housing.

Jennifer Iida is a DGS public information officer. She said that the department has no updates on the current process. The state plans to award the contracts around the beginning of the new fiscal years in July.

According to the fee request for 801 Capitol Mall, conversion would result in 70 units of one-bedroom and 20 studios. The fee request does not mention the affordability of the building, but it sets the total project cost at 20 million dollars.

The State Personnel Board is located at 801 Capitol Mall, which was built in the 1960s. It would require energy-efficient systems and apartments, as well as the creation of bathrooms and kitchens.

In the DGS request for qualifications, it was noted that the state would accept proposals calling for the demolition of buildings and the construction of new apartment buildings to replace them if the conversion seemed unfeasible. The state plans to lease out the buildings rather than selling them.

The fee request mentions the use of the existing building and that the adaptive reuse will result in a 84,400 square-foot structure. This is roughly the same size as the current building.

The state also issued a request for proposals (RFP) for 800 Capitol Mall as well as 751 N St. These three agencies are expected to relocate or require less office space, especially with the adoption of hybrid work schedules by the state.