Seattle Amazon Employees Protest Returning To The Office Due To "Climate Change"

The debate is about whether or not Amazon is a good employer. The bottom line is that no one is forced to work at Amazon, so it is up to the individual to decide if they want to work there or not.

This is some footage of yesterday's Amazon protest. If I worked in the spheres, I would feel safer if this person was working from home.

Irony is evident in this statement. Only a few years ago, progressives were ecstatic that government officials and CEOs could micromanage American lives with mandates. They're now pretending that they are victims of oppression, as the normal work requirements have returned. HAPPENING NOW Hundreds of Amazon workers are protesting in Seattle outside the headquarters for being 'forced to return to work' in person.

Amazon ordered its employees to report to work last month. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, they have been working remotely.

In this debate, the bottom line is that no one is forced to be employed by Amazon. Conservatives might say, "Good, Amazon has made their bed. Let them wallow." It's important to note that companies owe their employees nothing more than what is stated in their contract. The fundamentals of free markets are violated when employees dictate the operating policies of business. Only owners and customers have a voice. Progressives have moved on to the climate change to gain leverage now that covid is no longer a great fear to be exploited. Fear and virtue-signaling can temporarily sway business leaders to appease certain groups, but in the end the pursuit of profit and growth always wins. In the beginning of the dynamic, productivity was stable. Perhaps because people were doing extra work to earn more money or secure their jobs in uncertain times. Companies realized remote work is a pipe dream and that people need to leave their home to concentrate on their tasks. They could not force employees to return to the office, even after they joined in the covid hysteria. Is there a difference?