Taliban detains three British men in Afghanistan, UK non-profit says

The men were detained while working on a water project in the province of Khost.

Taliban detains three British men in Afghanistan, UK non-profit says


According to Presidium Network, a non-profit organization, three British men were detained by Taliban in Afghanistan.

The UK non profit which 'provides assistance to communities in crises' tweeted on Saturday that it has been working with two families of detained men "in support of finding resolution and releasing the detainees."

In a press release, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office of the UK said that it was working to contact British nationals who were detained and support their families.

Scott Richards (co-founder of Presidium Network) claimed that the detentions of three men are 'ultimately an extension of a misunderstanding'

Richards, in an interview with UK’s private Sky Network said that his organization had spoken to multiple witnesses and believed the General Directorate of Intelligence - the national intelligence agency, security and spy agency of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan -'reacted on a tip about weapons stored at the premises.

"That weapon was licenced." Richards said that he believed the license was separated from the gun during the search.

Richards responded that he believed the men to be in good health. We have no reason for believing that they have been tortured or subjected any sort of negative treatment.

The arrests coincide with a crackdown on those who advocate for the education of Afghan Women and allegations of war crimes by the British Armed Forces committed in Afghanistan.